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You have probably found yourself in the situation, perhaps more than once, of having to access, format, compose and deliver reports inside and outside of your organization in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you are in sales, marketing or services, recorded and updated customer information needs to be accessed through reports to make successful business decisions. If reporting wasn’t time consuming and challenging without technical resources, you wouldn’t need Sage SalesLogix Reporting, but yet it is.

Sage SalesLogix reporting and analysis has become the golden standard for rapid analysis of customer data and operational performance.

What makes Sage SalesLogix Reporting such a powerful reporting and analysis tool? Its ease of use for your average user, quick installation (no bundles to install or customizations required) and sophistication in terms of the variety of features and customizations available are at the heart of the matter. For example a SalesLogix user can create pipeline reports grouped by sales person or team or pivot-style reports without special report writing or database skills.

How can you use Sage SalesLogix Reporting?

  • Create a report by dragging and dropping fields or if what you’re looking for resembles one of over 20 sample reports, you can easily modify and edit the template to quickly generate a unique report.

    1. Ad-Hoc Reporting – Use pre-defined report models and report templates, drag and drop data and graphical elements to create basic reports.

    2. Embedded Reporting – Embed reports in the SalesLogix application.

    3. Dashboard-style Reporting - Create a report that mimics a dashboard-style Web application by embedding multiple reports, charts, and data-driven images into a single report layout.

    4. Web-Based Reporting – Deploying a publicly accessible report server makes reports available to off-site users via a HTTP Connection.

  • Updating of your SalesLogix reports happens automatically if you decide to drag additional fields or modify captions.

  • Once you’re happy with the finished product, or need to add that extra touch, export the SalesLogix report to Excel with just one mouse click.

To aid you with your reporting pains a built in Sage SalesLogix reporting tool, along with your creativity and insight, will quickly create flexible, feature-rich reports and integrate them into the Web or Windows applications. Here is a list of the various types of Sage SalesLogix reports available with SalesLogix reporting:

  • Customer reports
  • Supplier reports
  • Financial reports
  • Management reports
  • Pipeline reports
  • Campaign reports
  • Product reports
  • Invoice reports
  • Sales reports
  • Sales pipeline reports
  • Forecast reports
  • Marketing reports
  • Purchase order reports
  • Service and support metrics reports
  • Support ticket metrics report
  • Pivot-style reports
  • Custom reports

SalesLogix reporting provides benefits to all of your departments, to name a few and their respective benefits consider the table below:


Benefits for Sales

Benefits for Marketing

Benefits for Service & Support

Benefits for Product Management

Create pipeline reports by sales person or team

Report on lead sources and the status of marketing campaigns

Track the number of tickets opened by week, month, quarter or year

Assess products in the pipeline and measure sales by product or product family

Generate “rolling months” forecasts to reflect current and future months

Generate Excel lists of contact mailing information for labels

Analyze tickets by time-of-day, day-of-week or day-of-month

Discover reasons opportunities are won or lost

Track wins, losses and the number of days required to close opportunities

Track sales activities by region, sales team or rep

Create reports to reflect the Area, Category and Issue of closed tickets


Monitor sales calls made by day, week, month and time-of-day




SalesLogix reporting is truly a useful, time-saving tool. If you’re interested in finding out more information or obtaining SalesLogix Reporting contact QISYS SalesLogix at (416) 253-5555.


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SalesLogix v8

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